Share vendor company's information with corporate officers

Three easy steps

Supplier's information will be published on Android App as list

Vendor Sign Up

Sign Up

To upload information, you will be needing a vendor account. Account can be opend using email address and phone number. More than one vendors can be managed with one account only have to choose from list .

Vendor Log In

Add Information

After log in, you will find the options to upload information of vendor. Vendor's profile can be already created. If you find vendor by searching, you will have to send request to be admin. If you don't find, you will have to create vendor profile. Thereafter, you can make list of the items that can be supplied. Brands of the products can also be added. The contact persons regarding each product can be added to the list.

Download Vendor List App

Publish info on App

VendorList app is one of the best and highly rated app in google play store in it's segment. Corporate sourcing officers mainly use this app. VendorList app offers various benefits to the users. Vendors an can be filtered according to brands of different product which is a very helpful feature. It also provides powerful search option. Assigned contact person of the vendor can be called dirrectly from the app. Thus it make the whole process very easy.

About us is an app based startup. It offers convenience by providing reliable and updated list of vendors to supply various items. On the other hand, it helps the marketing team of supplier company to reach for the market. We have a well organised app on google play store with very mordern features. Admin of vendors can enjoy the well organised dashboard by visiting